From the fullness of His grace
we have received
one blessing after another.
                                John 1:16

During this Christmas season, I look back and remember God’s amazing Christmas gift, the gift of His Son wrapped in human form. Together we celebrate a child named Jesus, whose name literally means “God saves”. Our Lord’s unfolding gift of love won us eternal salvation. The birth of a child brought deliverance from sin for all people on whom His favor rests. That single gift should be enough to cause me never to doubt His goodness or His love for me ever again. Yet He keeps on giving down through the ages, gift upon gift, one blessing after another.

As this year draws to an end, I have an opportunity to look back and count my blessings. I am so thankful for the gift of my granddaughter’s life and that she is still with us here on earth. I am so thankful for all the miraculous answers to prayer I have seen these many months since her diagnosis. I am thankful for all of you who have prayed and supported my family on this journey. The gift of one child’s life can never be taken for granted. That much I have learned. I was afraid the joy of Christmas would be dimmed by the shadow of cancer, but in some ways these Christmas celebrations since her diagnosis have become even more precious to me. Everything we enjoy together as a family is more special, just because we know it could have been so different without our little girl.

My granddaughter often draws my attention to a framed picture on her mother’s desk. “Nana, this is me when I was a baby with my mommy and daddy. I grew and grew and grew until I got to be a big girl!” I love to hear her tell me this story over and over again. I’m so grateful that she will continue to grow in the year ahead. By God’s grace, she will become even more brave and strong — and free of cancer.  I praise Him this Christmas for one blessing after another. I praise Him for the gift of a child.